Midi Hoard Metal Detector


Midi Hoard Metal Detector 

* up to 1mtr/3 Feets Underground

* Fully waterproof Metal Detector

* Led Indicator

* Target Types of Tones

* Frequency 15 kHz

For Queries, Call/WhatsApp/SMS

ph: +91-8790063551


30 in stock


For beginners Want To Do Metal Detecting In Small Budget Then Go with Midi Hoard Metal Detector World’s best And Deep Metal Detector.

* Pin pointing Of The Metal 

* Discrimination Button

* Sensitivity Adjustment

* Volume Adjustment

*Free Shipping.

* In India product are going to be Send By traveler Either Fright Or By Road
* Manufacturer warranty are going to be Applicable for less than one Year From The Date of shopping for Batteries don’t seem to be lined below warranty.
*After Received the total Payment If it’s attainable Same day Delivery the products alternative wise Next Day


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